About Us

When we first opened our doors in 1970…

… we were a small neighbourhood eatery.  Beer was only found in stubby bottles and the only flavourings for martinis were the olive and the onion.  We have come a long way since liver and onions!

Today you can enjoy a menu full of choices; from pastas to salads to seafood.  We have many imported and local beers to choose from.  If you are in the mood you can still find classic martinis with olives or try something new from our long list.  We used to say the restaurant was a “fully licensed dining lounge”.  Now, we just say it’s a good place to have a drink.

You could say we’ve changed with the times, but some things have remained the same:

  • We still serve our signature whole-wheat pizza
  • We’re open till late
  • We are still family-owned
  • And, we still have a commitment to serving quality food and drinks at an affordable price